Mostly Absent


In case you’re wondering who I am, some of my previous  blogs were the following:

Colouring the Past
Sandie Seashore
Arty Old Bird
Absurd Old Bird
Val’s Nature

Yep, it’s me. But no, I’m not back. Well, not back to blogging anyway. I’ve made this account so that I can more easily comment on other people’s posts. There’s a longer story behind all this, but it’s boring, so I won’t go into that.

As you know (if you know me), I stopped blogging early in 2021. I’d just had enough. I needed to stop. And I’ve got to say (with apologies to those bloggers who still enjoy blogging): I don’t miss it. I’ve changed a lot. I’ve completely stopped collecting vintage photos and I no longer restore or colour any (I wish I could, actually, but it just isn’t happening anymore). I no longer give any advice on how to use this site (and considering how long it’s taken me to set up just this simple blog, I wouldn’t even know where to start! It’s changed so much.)

But for the positive, I’m in touch by email with some lovely people that I’d originally met here, and hope that will continue. And I’m looking forward to commenting and reading replies.

I’m currently trying to pursue some other interests, and am having a gradual (but big) clear out of stuff in my home.

And thankfully, I’ve not succumbed to C-19 or any of its relatives. I hope you’re also well or, if not, that you’ve made or are making a full recovery.

This will be the only post on this site, so there’s no need to follow my blog. Also I shall probably not be following anyone’s blog but instead shall be reading your posts (as I have been doing since I left the site) via my bookmarks. I’ll try to keep track of replies to any of my comments, the same way, if I can. 

My good wishes to you.


(PS. Apologies for any ads on this page. They’re not mine. I know they’re here, but I’m not going to spend any money on this site to get rid of them.)


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